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notsosecretlyhidden asked:
Hi just want to say that I love your style! its amazing! i found you through just browsing tumblr! Quick question. I have a Canon 60d and a 50mm Fantastic Plastic. Can you provide any tips for taking a good portrait shot? I seem to not be able to get anything good!


First, best, and easiest thing you can do to improve your portrait work is to shoot an interesting subject. They don’t necessarily have to be a professional model, or even conventionally ‘beautiful’, so long as the person is fascinating to YOU. Start with that before you think you need to upgrade any gear.

Secondly, a good basic, no-cost set-up is to side-light your subject using natural window light: position your subject perpendicular to a large window, about 3-5 feet away; open up your apertaure to 2.0; be careful to put your AF square on their eye and do NOT recompose, as super shallow DOF is not very forgiving with movement after focus-lock.

The last thing you should try to do is elicit some kind of emotion from your subject— this is where you as a director will come into play, which trumps about any other aspect of being a photographer… more than lighting knowledge, technical prowess, or expensive lenses&bodies. 

…as you grow as a photographer, you can always hire assistants&crew to light complicated schematics, retouch your images, or create compositions/sets… but when it comes down to it, it’s your sole and unique ability to draw a performance, look, or emotion out of a near complete stranger, that’s really gonna make your images connect.  

This is important.



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